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Hair Extensions




With hand tied extensions, there is no tape or glue. This mean no sticky mess when removing. There are not any polymer bonds so that means no harsh removers.


These is less risk of damage because there are minimal points of contact.


All wefts are custom colored with your hair in mind, creating a seamless and perfect blend.



Because there are so many options with hand-tied extensions, I feel there is an option for everyone.


These extensions are completely customizable, making them a great choice for any hair type and length. This is great for fine hair, but it must be dense enough to hide the rows.


Lengthening services require the hair to be at least shoulder length.


Number of rows is determined by current hair length and density as well as desired look.




YES! These extensions are so seamless they can be worn in many different styles that are cohesive with an active lifestyle. Braids, top knots, and ponytails are all possible! This is what makes this method of extensions my absolute favorite!


If you want to wear these extensions on vacation or swimming, I suggest a loose braid or low ponytail. Use lots of leave in conditioner with your Wet Brush and low-tension elastics.


Absolutely NO sunscreen can be put-on light-colored extension hair. Contact with sunscreen can discolor hair permanently.



Hand tied extensions can be worn for 6-8 weeks before removal for maintenance. After this time extensions must be taken out and reinstalled. Installation prices vary on how many rows you have. Recoloring extension hair is always an additional price.


With proper care and products usage, extension hair can be worn for up to 9+ months. I recommend swapping out pieces of hair throughout your wear to lengthen your investment.




If you have a tender scalp, you may experience some tension and discomfort during our installation. Not all clients experience this, but if you do it will usually last 48-72 hours.


Absolutely NO sunscreen can be put-on light-colored extension hair. Contact with sunscreen can discolor hair and new hair must be purchased.


Please wait 3-7 days before attempting to do a high ponytail or bun. This will allow the extension to loosen up and put less tension on the connection points.


If your hair begins to tangle you need to add moisture. Tangling hair is a sign that you could be using products that are not good for your extensions. Please use recommended products by your stylist.


After the first couple of days, if you feel that your extensions are causing your scalp to itch, please wash and condition the tops of your wefts. This will add moisture to the scalp and soften the tops of the wefts.


When shampooing/ styling/ brushing, it is important to divide your hair into sections. Hold the hair in a ponytail when brushing to eliminate any tension. Securely hold close to scalp and brush from the ends, carefully working your way up toward the scalp. When drying, do not use a brush (round or paddle) until the hair is nearly 90% dry.


Brushing your hair before it gets wet will keep the hair from tangling while washing.



  • Brush extension thoroughly before washing to remove any tangles.

  • Now that your hair is thicker, you may decide to divide the hair into two sections on either side of the head to wash and wash sections -by-section.



  • Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free salon-grade shampoo

  • Begin at the scalp and massage shampoo into the hair using a “Z” formation. Do not use a circular motion or flip head upside down as this causes tangles.

  • Gently massage the hair as you shampoo, as you do not want to pull hard and cause stress on the hair.

  • Part hair and rinse thoroughly.



  • Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free salon-grade conditioner

  • Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft down to the ends of your hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes.

  • Remember, the extensions do not get your natural hair oils so to keep them soft and conditioned, conditioning with a masque (deep conditioning treatment) may also be wise.

  • Rinse thoroughly.



  • Towel or air- dry hair as much as possible before using a blow dryer.

  • The use of leave-in conditioners, heat protectants, as well as treatment oils from mid-shaft to ends is recommended to protect your extensions.

  • Using as blow dryer, rough -dry the hair.

  • Starting at the ends and working your way up toward the scalp, round brush your hair (if you are comfortable with a round brush, other wise use a paddle brush).




  • Shampoo at least twice a week.

  • Style as desired.

  • Use heat protectant spray when using hot tools.

  • Do NOT use argan oil on extensions.




  • Brush through before styling.

  • Brush before shampooing.

  • Hold hair in hand like a ponytail while brushing to eliminate pulling.

  • Make sure you run your fingers through your hair 2-3 times each day to separate the hair from the extensions, this will stop any hair from matting.

  • Use styling aids, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation (preferably alcohol-free products).

  • Dry shampoo and dry conditioner are perfect products to care for your extensions.





  • Brush through before sleeping.

  • Spray dry shampoo and dry conditioner before sleeping.

  • Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose- large braid at the back of your neck.

  • Use low -tension hair ties.

  • Do NOT go to bed with wet hair as it can cause tangling close to the scalp.

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