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The Mane Care Experience

Carrie Purseralternate

the experience

First impressions are important to me—but just as important as the second, third and fourth experience clients have. I aim to create that “first-time feeling” every single time a client walks through the door.

While it may be your first time visiting, and before the big welcome into the studio. You begin with my online application process, this allows me to look at your pictures, study the notes from the this digital consultation, and prepare for the most beautiful, customized hair transformation. Whether you are here for color or wefts for your new extension installation, I aim to exceed your expectations.  

If you are visiting for luxury color, your color appointment will always be customized for you.​Your appointment will start off with a thorough consultation and a hair and scalp health analysis. Your lifestyle and daily habits will be taken into consideration when deciding which color technique to use. Your customized color will include any tones, glosses and/or shadow root necessary to achieve your desired result. The experience is elevated with a treatment at the shampoo bowl to restore vital nutrients to the hair. Your hair will be finished with a wash, blow dry + signature waves or flat iron. Home care product will then be recommended to ensure your color lasts as long as possible.


If you are visiting for color + extensions, I will begin with a brief in person consultation and before pictures. I will explain how the next few hours will go and feel. Your color transformation will begin and I will make any adjustments to the wefts necessary to achieve your desired outcome. The first half of the appointment is spent getting to know YOU. I want to know your story, how you ended up in Logan, Utah, who sent you in to see me—but most importantly, be prepared to tell me where you are taking your new hair when you leave the salon.

Once color has processed and your natural hair is dried, I will begin the installation. During the next hour or two, I explain my personal recommendations, tips, tricks and answer any questions pertaining to care and maintenance of the extensions and natural hair. My goal is to make sure you know how to properly take care of your hair when you get home. The cut, the style and the after pictures are very last so come prepared to grace my Instagram stories.  

I hope my tiny space suits your needs, plays great music, and most of all exudes positive vibes.  

I know that my consistent education and dedication to the craft will provide you with an insanely, amazing head of hair.

My goals are to make you feel confident, pampered, and give you the most elevated day in the salon you’ve ever had. So sit down, relax and grab a Mane Hour drink on me. I cannot wait to give you the Carrie Purser Hair experience.

Carrie Purser Hair

the method

 I am committed to evolving into the best version of myself, both personally and professionally meaning you can rest assure I commit myself to on-going education, reaching the highest certifications and pushing myself every single day.  This ensures that not only will you receive the best experience while you are in the studio, but that your investment goes directly to you achieving the hair you've always dreamt of.

When you sit in my chair, you will  get the expertise of my education - all I have invested in, giving you the best results, the highest satisfaction and having you walk out that door feeling the best version of yourself.  Come take a seat, and let the experience begin.


Hidden Row

The Hidden Bead Row Method is a hidden bead method with no end beads and complete 180 degree row movement sets this method apart. It provides flexible options to work with any texture or density of hair. Recommended maintenance is 8-10 weeks.


Waterfall Bead Method is the name of an attachment technique, a name that takes its cue from the flowing style of the waterfall braid. Using strands of hair, that link together multiple attachments in a chain fashion. Recommended maintenance is 6-10 weeks.


NBR, Natural Beaded Rows is a wefted method of extensions that combines microlinks with a stitched method. It is completely customizable, lightweight, and invisible. It is also the most amount of hair you can receive with the least amount of attachment points.


luxury color

Luxury color is relieving the client of knowing how to explain what they want. I use my knowledge and experience to give you exactly what you need based on your wants, hair health and desired outcome. You don’t need to know what a smudge or toner is. I'm not charging you a la carte pricing based on adding a partial highlight or a money piece. My training allows me to communicate what is possible and deliver a luxury color service all within a packaged priced beauty budget. Kick your feet up, and leave the details and formulas to me

ready for your
dream hair experience

Carrie Purser Hair

the process


The application is my way to figure out what I am working with, so I can give you a better estimate of your hair goals, time, and financial commitment. Within 48 hours, I will reach out directly to you to answer any questions, explain the process and schedule your appointment. 


My consultations are split into two parts. The first half is done via email to be able to give you an accurate quote and to prep your hair well before your scheduled appointment. The second half of the consultation is done the moment you sit in the chair on the day of your appointment. At this point, your hair is prepped and I can confirm your wants, needs, desired outcome and even things you want to avoid.


On occasion the desired color will take more than one color appointment before extensions are added. In this case, I ask that you schedule a revival color appointment(s) until you achieve at least 80% of the desired outcome. The following appointment will be your final luxury color service plus the install of the extensions. 


The number of rows you need will be determined by the desired outcome. *In most cases* one row gives the client volume, but length will remain the same as their natural hair. It is great for giving the hair a little “oomph” and style hold, especially in the thin areas. The most popular option, two rows will give maximum length and fullness. Three rows are designed to give maximum fullness + length. It is necessary for blending blunt bobs, very thick, one length haircuts or severely damaged hair. The number of wefts on a row is at my educated discretion. The client’s density is always matched for a realistic and healthy outcome.


Once you have decided to move forward with your extension install appointment, a deposit of 50% will be required to schedule your appointment. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, 50% of the deposit will be refunded to you if cancelled 14 days prior to the scheduled appointment.


All methods of extensions and luxury color require some type of scheduled maintenance and professional products to ensure quality. During your email consultation and again during your appointment I will go over the recommendations to maintain the integrity and health of both your natural hair and the extensions. Click this link to read all the do’s & don’ts of wearing extensions.


The part you’ve waited weeks for! Trust me—People WILL stare, because your hair looks amazing. And while I would never let you leave feeling uncomfortable, I do encourage clients to let me leave the hair at least an inch longer than you think you need. I don’t want to cut off your investment, and first time clients typically get used to length 10-14 days in. On the day of your appointment(s) I especially love when clients come in wearing neutrals and a bit of make up, so you feel like a total package when taking after photos.

invest in yourself


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