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A little about me…


As early as I could remember I loved to draw. Drawing and doodling was always present in everything I touched! My fascination with hair and makeup certainly began with my Barbie collection and visits to my Grandmother’s home, where you would find me in her makeup, playing dress up and pretending I was driving in her car, 1950’s style (that red lipstick was everywhere!).

My career interests peeked after working in retail, where I realized I wanted to learn how to make customers feel like a million bucks. So I enrolled in Cosmetology school and got certified in Media Makeup Artistry, and I have never looked back. Having the opportunity to travel to New York and Los Angeles, to hone my skills, I've learn first-hand the concept of a makeover, and how to deliver the vision my clients want to see.  My personal touch — to create my client’s vision, by remaining fashion inspired yet unique and to true modern elegance. 

I've worked in film, print and bridal while maintaining a large clientele in an upscale salon. My attention to detail and ensuring the satisfaction of my clients has earned me a reputation as one of the shining stars in the beauty industry. As a master stylist, with over 18 years behind the chair. I set the direction and continue to raise the bar with my artistry.  My extensive education includes training in dimensional blonding, certification in The Kacey Welch Method and Natural Bead Row Hair Extensions. I count sun-kissed blondes and dimensional color among my specialities. I know my guests come expecting great hair, and my exceptional customer service and experience keep them coming back. Developing a client relationship based on trust is very important to me. Providing an atmosphere that is both energizing and comfortable allows me create the ultimate experience that enables you to be at your best when you step back into the world outside. 

I could go on about all my accomplishments, but without you this dream would not be a reality. To know that someone out there believes in my work, my passion and my vision is reassurance that I am doing what I love. For that I am forever grateful and humbled.


Modern Minimal . Simple Neutrals . Uncomplicated Elegance

Carrie Purser Hair
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