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Inspiring Confidence in Beauty and Creativity

Carrie Purser Hair

Confident Beauty Starts Here!
The Beauty Studio by Carrie Purser specializes in luxury low maintenance beauty in dimensional hair color, luxurious hair extensions, and scalp wellness for busy women.
Effortless hair with a focus on self care, holistic  + laid back vibes.

You Belong Here

Hair Salon Carrie Purser

A holistic approach to hair care and beauty.

My philosophy begins with hair health as the foundation for radiant results.

Japanese hair culture begins with the roots as the first step to gorgeous hair. I recognized the need for a salon that integrates organic hair and scalp treatments. TBS combines a hair salon suite with traditional Japanese techniques for a natural and wellness minded       Cache Valley clientele.

The health of your hair at the roots is often overlooked. Not at TBS. My head spa deep cleans, detoxifies, and revitalizes the scalp to promote lasting shine and growth. In addition, I make exclusive use of organic plant-based products, ensuring my clients are never exposed to toxins or chemicals.

Carrie Purser Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions


Hidden Row 

Silk Wefts


Natural Bead Row

Strand by Strand


Where you will find me



You can find me at The Beauty Studio.

 It's a beauty space proudly located in the heart of Logan, Utah.

My private salon suite is a small space doing big things- creating thoughtful, timeless looks for my clients who want to stand out. I strive to create beauty wellness that I, as well as my clients, can be proud of. YOU are the top priority and your experience begins as soon as you book your appointment.

My passion is creating beautiful, healthy hair and scalp, flawless makeup, and endless friendships at...

The Beauty Studio

939 S State HWY 89

BLDG 4 STE 104

Logan, Utah

Carrie Purser Hair
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